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ubmission■s, so feel f〓ree to send● in your o●wn editorial■s to "global〓opinion@vip.c●" for consid◆eration. &nb○sp;Please 〓scan the QR■ Code to fo■llow us on ●InstagramPl○ease scan the QR Cod〓e to follow us● on Wechat对不起

,可能是网络原●因或无此页面,请稍后尝试。本页面3秒之■后将带您回到央视网首页。SAN F○RANCISCO, Dec●. 9 (Xinhua) -- ◆Fourteen more co○mpanies, includin■g China's H◆uawei Technolog◆ies, lent the●ir support to● the so-called "Go○ogle phone" Tue●sda

y by joining th●e Open Handset Allia〓nce. The new member〓s pl

edge to back the◆ open-source Andr●oid mobile device◆ platform de●veloped by Google〓 and are committed ■to "its commercial s■uccess," they 〓said in a ●joint statement. Am●ong

the new members● are some big name●s in the mobile pho●ne industry■, such as S●ony Ericsson a●nd Vodafone. T〓he companies sai◆d they will eithe●r deploy com○patible Andro〓i

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